Santander, 21-22 September 2022

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The 4th FOAM@Iberia Meeting, to be held on the 21st and 22nd of September at IHCantabria Headquarters in Santander (Spain), will be the annual meeting point of the OpenFOAM® Iberian community. These informal gatherings are the opportunity to be introduced to OpenFOAM®, meet and interact with other OpenFOAM® users/developers, learn about the most recent developments of the computational library, and share and disseminate your OpenFOAM® achievements. These events are intended to play a significant role in the dissemination of OpenFOAM®, not only in Portugal and Spain, since they are also open to worldwide participants.

The meeting will comprise presentations on the latest OpenFOAM® developments, OpenFOAM® Basic/Advanced courses, and lectures from prestigious invited speakers. We want to welcome in Santander all the recent and experienced Foamers @PT and @SP, among others, to continue building a solid and active OpenFOAM community.

Additionally, you can visit and enjoy the attractions of Santander: a boat trip on one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Centro Botín Museum, a symbol of modernity and a point of reference in the world of culture, and over a dozen beaches at various points, traditional gastronomy based on marine products, etc.


The organizing committee

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Javier L. Lara
Iñigo J. Losada

Maria E. Maza
Gabriel Barajas